3-TLX + Flex Frame Setup

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  • 3-TLX + Flex Frame 3.0 (4″ Rails) Setup

    The 3-TLX + Flex Frame 3.0 (4″ rails) Setup is an excellent choice for demanding tube cleaning jobs. The Flex Frame 3.0 is equipped with 4″ rails as a standard feature, providing exceptional durability and stability. Moreover, it seamlessly accommodates optional 2.5″ rails, allowing for greater flexibility in rail selection. For enhanced stability when using 2.5″ rails, we highly recommend considering the addition of an extra horizontal rail.


  • 3-TLX + Flex Frame 2.5″ Setup

    The 3-TLX + Flex Frame 2.5″ Setup includes a dedicated 2.5″ rails Flex Frame. It is distinct from the Flex Frame 3.0 and is specifically designed for use with 2.5″ rails. The Flex Frame 2.5″ offers improved maneuverability due to its slimmer up/down and left/right assemblies. It is recommended for use in tight areas. For enhanced durability and versatility, the 3-TLX + Flex Frame 3.0 (4″ rails) Setup is a preferred choice. Additionally, the Flex Frame 3.0 (4″ rails) is also compatible with 2.5″ rails, making it highly versatile.