1-XLTC + Dome Cleaner Setup

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  • Dome Cleaner (w/o feeder)

    The Dome Cleaner is a compact and versatile indexing system designed for vertical bundle cleaning. Its unique design enables easy setup in tight spaces and tool-free mounting to the bundle sheet using a special locking system.

    This product does not include the 1-XLTC or 1-XS feeder.

  • 1-XLTC for Dome Cleaner

    The Peinemann Single Lance Feeder (1-XLTC) is a lightweight and modular equipment that is ideal for operating in tight and challenging areas. Its lightweight yet strong and durable components make it a reliable choice for tough tube cleaning jobs. The 1-XLTC features a versatile design that is compatible with a wide range of hose sizes, and its modular components make cartridge replacement easy.

    This 1-XTLC is part of the 1-XLTC + Dome Cleaner Setup. The required FRL unit and 3-Way Remote Control are included with the Dome Cleaner.