H-Frame Setup (for Flex Frame 3.0 (4″ rails))

  1. Versatile, as you can successfully use items such as; “scaffold clamps, non driven cart and added slotted rails for a great variety of cleaning configurations.

  2. Modular as the majority of these items can be used together with other set ups as well.

  3. All available motions (air operated) such as: Left/Right, Up/Down and In/Out remain functional.

  4. The H-Frame set up allows for a rigid construction and is especially suitable for larger diameter bundles.

The additional H-Frame Setup seamlessly integrates with the Flex Frame 3.0 (4″ rails). It includes all the necessary components to effectively clean a wide range of design bundles, whether they are large, small, horizontal or vertical. With just a few extra components, added on top of the 2-XLTC + Flex Frame 3.0 (4″ rails) setup, you can unlock tremendous flexibility in your cleaning capabilities.