Hydraulic Roller Options 

IBC-5 (Inside Bundle Cleaner)

  1. Hydraulically Driven which copes with the huge reaction forces involved

  2. Great production capacity thanks to cleaning up with up to 5 rigid lances at a time

  3. Capable of pressures up to 1500 Bar / 22000 PSI

  4. Can be lifted with the help of forklift slots or via the standard supplied Spreader Bar

  5. Outriggers will allow for precise and horizontal positioning of the IBC

  6. Easy controls within the cabin which can also accommodate potential bundle rollers

  7. Easy positioning of the lance bed including a huge work area

  8. Limited pressure loss thanks to the individual feed hoses of 8mm, for each rigid lance.

A true workhorse that gets the tube cleaning work done in even the most demanding circumstances.

Specifically developed for cleaning a great number of tubes, in the shortest possible time, at either a wash pad or designated cleaning bay.

The rigid lances will accomodate huge flows (up to 1500 Bar / 22000 PSI) which will contribute to a great production rate.

Being able to control the IBC via the comforts of a cabin will add both to the safety of the operator as well having a great viewing point of the bundle.


Technical Specifications
Weight 4000 kg
Dimensions L x W x H = 1150 x 220 x 234 cm
Min. height lances 70 cm
Max. height lances 270 cm
Max horizontal movement of lances 167 cm
Min. working height 60 cm
Max. working height 210 cm
Max. working length 950 cm
Lance speed 0-2 m/sec
Lance bed lateral movement 60 cm
Recommended water pressure 1400 bar (20.000 psi)
Recommended flow 180 – 200 L / (min)
Outriggers 50 cm standard, optional 90 cm
Pitch 22 – 45 mm
Forward thrust 120 kg/lance (standard), max. 500 kg/lance
Pump (gear) 19cc + 8cc
Engine Silent pack HATZ diesel Mod. 2L41C
Cubic capacity 1,716cc (2 cylinders)
Horse power 33 Hp at 3.000 RPM
L/R travel 170 cm