Hydraulic Roller Options 

IBC-5 Short Outrigger Set Up and Kubota Engine

Configuration with Short Outriggers (Travel Height 500 mm / 19″) comes standard with:


  • Hose Reel including 5x 8mm ID (8/4) feed hoses to limit pressure loss in the system.
  • Kubota 3 cylinder water cooled engine with heater
  • 5 Rigid Lances and standard IBC Nozzles
  • Additional Hydraulic connections, on the base frame, to potentially operate bundle rollers
  • Hydraulic End-Switch to protect the rigid lances
  • Emergency stop button – Kill Switch
  • 3 Blind Plugs
  • Easy to control pitch adjuster
  • Rear protection Cage for the 8mm ID feed hoses
  • Spreader Bar for easy lifing and position of the IBC
  • 2 LED Work Lights
  • Windscreen Washing system
  • Hose Reel Brake System
  • Tinted Cabin Windows
  • English Manual