XLTC Series

The esteemed XLTC series has earned a solid reputation within the industry for its exceptional performance and long-lasting components. Capable of tackling the most contaminated tubes and pipes, the versatile XLTC lance feeder can be configured to accommodate various hose sizes and offers effortless field setup. Its dependability and adaptability make it a top choice for professionals.

Single Lance Feeder (X-XLTC)

X-XLTC Pipe Cleaning Setup

Introducing the X-XLTC Pipe Cleaning setup, a comprehensive solution that includes the powerful X-XLTC feeder, FRL unit and more.

Single Lance Feeder (1-XLTC)

The 1-XLTC is one our most versatile lance cleaners. It can easily be setup as a manual lance feeder, a powerful pipe feeder and as an automatic feeder in combination with the Peinemann Orion Indexer and Dome Cleaner.

1-XLTC Handheld Setup

The 1-XLTC Handheld Setup includes the 1-XLTC feeder, FRL unit and other essential items.

1-XLTC L Pipe Cleaner Setup

The 1-XLTC L Pipe Cleaning Setup is equipped with two robust motors, ensuring the power needed to clean the dirtiest pipes.

1-XLTC + Orion Indexer Setup

The 1-XLTC + Orion Indexer Setup, combining the lightweight 1-XLTC feeder with the versatile Orion Indexer.

1-XLTC for Dome Cleaner

The 1-XLTC + Dome Cleaner setup enables efficient cleaning in tight and challenging spaces.

Dual Lance Feeder (2-XLTC)

2-XLTC + Flex Frame 3.0 (4″ Rails) Setup

The 2-XLTC + Flex Frame 3.0 (4″ rails) Setup is an excellent choice for demanding tube cleaning jobs.

2-XLTC + Flex Frame 2.5″ Setup

The 2-XLTC + Flex Frame 2.5″ Setup includes a dedicated 2.5″ rails Flex Frame.