Technical Configurator

Welcome to the Peinemann Equipment Technical Configurator. This tool offers in-depth technical insights into our cleaning equipment range, allowing you to discover popular setups. Dealers and agents can log in to tailor configurations to their clients’ needs. For further assistance, please contact your nearest or designated point of sales.

TLX Series

The TLX series features the industry’s most lightweight, strong and versatile lance feeder. Boasting a modular design that is up to 30% lighter, it utilizes an ultra-light carbon fiber drive unit for enhanced strength. With a remarkable push/pull force of up to 200kg, the TLX series stands as an unparalleled all-in-powerhouse for tube and pipe cleaning.

XLTC Series

The esteemed XLTC series has earned a solid reputation within the industry for its exceptional performance and long-lasting components. Capable of tackling the most contaminated tubes and pipes, the versatile XLTC lance feeder can be configured to accommodate various hose sizes and offers effortless field setup. Its dependability and adaptability make it a top choice for professionals.

XS Series

The XS series represents the lightest lance feeder within the Peinemann product lineup. Featuring a lightweight and modular design, it is the ideal solution for cleaning tasks in confined and difficult-to-reach spaces, ensuring efficient and thorough results.

Indexer & Controls

Peinemann presents an assortment of indexers and controls to optimize operational efficiency and ensure safety. Similar to our feeders, these indexers and controls boast lightweight, durable and highly modular designs, providing a seamless integration with your existing equipment.